I am a composer and a performer. But mostly, here in this blog/whatever-it-is, I’m a person who’s fascinated by the world around her. And curious! I’ve heard words and phrases from Ecclesiastes all my life, especially the most famous—”to everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven…”

It was only when I started to sing these words myself that I began to wonder what they really meant. I am not particularly Christian—not meaning to offend anyone who is—but being slightly skeptical led me to question the general position to which the Book of Ecclesiastes is assigned in the Judaeo-Christian world I’ve grown up in.

And then it was like pulling the wrong thread. I just kept pulling and pulling and the fabric mask kept unraveling and unraveling. I saw more and more. So I started writing down what I was finding.

These are my findings and ongoing questions. You don’t have to agree. But I hope you enjoy the time travel.

photo by Ebet Roberts, 2002

If you want to hear the music which prompted all this, go to www.innova.mu and look for Kitty Brazelton’s ecclesiastes: a modern oratorio.

If you want to know more about me and my music in general, go to my website www.kitbraz.com.

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